WIC Miner - Pausing mining


There are some cases as noted on the Crypto Heat page where you do not want your server mining continuously.    You have two options to pause mining.    

The automatic daily method is to set the WIC Miner to just mine from midnight to a preset time during the day.

This is done by modifying the mp file in the wicminer directory using an editor as below:

nano mp

Then set the WICENDHOUR to the hour in local time when mining should pause each day.   So the example below stops mining at 9AM local time each day.    So the miner will work from midnight to 9AM local time.


The other pause option allows you to manually or automatically using cron (lookup on Google if not familiar) to tell selected WIC mining servers to pause mining for the remainder of the day.     Mining will automatically resume at 11PM local time.

To pause mining run the pausewic command in the wicminer directory.

If you are running the WIC Miner on multiple servers the pausewic command can be used to pause mining on multiple servers from one control computer by creating a simple script that runs from the control computer each line in the script should be like below, with the IP address and possibly username (mineruser in example below) would be different for each line/miner.

ssh mineruser@ wicminer/pausewic

When you run the script you will have to enter the mineruser password on each system for this to execute the pause.    This can be avoided in a trusted environment by doing an ssh key exchange (lookup on Google).

The WIC Miner will stop using almost all CPU and memory bandwidth resources when mining is paused but the processes remain idling and the memory for the Ethereum DAG table remains allocated.   In this way mining can quickly resume.