WIC Miner License agreement


1.    The user (person reading this license agreement or deploying WIC Miner) can load the WIC Miner software (Software) on as many computers and you wish.

2.     Title, copyright, and intellectual property rights to Software and associated documentation on aquilasys.com are exclusively Aquila Systems, Inc.

3.    The Software may not be modified or reverse engineered.    Any modified, derived, or merged software package may not be distributed.      

4.    This user should only download this software from our web site, aquilasys.com or our GitHub page .    Do not trust that downloads from other sources are complete and authentic.

5.   The Software is provided by Aquila Systems and accepted by the user “as is”.    Aquila Systems will not be liable for any general, special, incidental, or consequential damages including, but not limited to, loss of production, loss of computer system use, loss of revenue or profits, loss of crypto-currency, or any other business or economic disadvantage.     Further we are not liable for any fire, mechanical, or electrical damages including injuries or deaths related to the use of this Software on computing hardware used by or supplied by the user.

6.   We do not guaranty any specific mining hash rate or any level of revenue from Crypto mining.    We mention examples on our web site that reflect achievable hash rates and possible revenue per week as of November 11th, 2021.  

7.   By downloading this Software either from a web site or through file transfer software: curl, ftp, sftp, etc.  you implicitly agree to all terms of this license agreement.

8. Term of this license is perpetual.     Although we do not guaranty that this version will operate to effectively mine perpetually.    You may need an update at some future date and we do not guaranty the availability of any future updates.

9.  Termination.   The user may terminate this license at any point by deleting from ALL installed computers and not using this software any longer.      Items 3 and 5 survive termination.