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Where's It Cloudy? is an Android application that shows real-time satellite data from the American
Geostationary Weather Satellites. As a mobile phone app, you may access it to find out where it's
cloudy in the vicinity of where you are located, or anywhere in the eastern and central United States and
southern Canada. Most other weather apps do not show satellite imagery; they only show radar data.
Radar data is effective at showing where there is rain and snow, but it doesn't show where clouds are

The satellite data shown in
Where's It Cloudy? is ideal for several purposes including:
* showing cloudy regions
* detecting the likelihood of precipitation
* helping track moderate to severe storms and hurricanes
* showing the movement, rotation, and structure of storms, through the display of images in a
time-lapsed loop.

Where's It Cloudy? may be downloaded on an Android phone or tablet by clicking here.

In the near future, we plan to have
Where's It Cloudy? available for the iPhone and iPod.

Realtime Dynamic Rendering

Traditional weather applications show imagery covering only predefined areas at predefined resolutions.

Where's It Cloudy?
goes beyond this to allow the user to choose a default viewing point anywhere in
North America, and a viewing altitude that determines the area the image will cover.

Once you set your default location and altitude, the image loops are dynamically generated at the
maximum possible resolution from a 3D model of the Earth with the real time satellite imagery overlaid on
this realistic model. This provides stunning and accurate visuals, especially in the Visible channel of
satellite data.

Viewing Options

Where's It Cloudy? provides a range of viewing options. The app allows the user to the primary satellite
spectral channels known as the Visible and Infrared channels.

* Visible. This channel very effectively shows cloud cover and cloud types during the daytime.
* Infrared. This channel allows the user to see cloud cover associated with storm systems throughout the
day. It effectively shows where it is most likely precipitating, though does not show low clouds, or high,
thin clouds. Options are provided to colorize the cloud heights and potential storm intensity.

There is the option to view the raw satellite image. There are also viewing options for overlaying major and
minor cities on the image. Over time we will be adding additional visualization options.

Premium Services

The premium service upgrade to Where's It Cloudy? provides the user with:
* The Water Vapor channel, which shows water vapor in the mid to upper atmosphere, including
where it is most humid and the transport of moisture in the atmosphere.
* The Sea Surface Temperature channel.
* Unlimited data access.
* Higher service priority than regular users for quicker response to your requests.
* Ability to load longer image loops.
* Enhanced email support.

Premium service does not require any Android app upgrade; these additional functions are provided within
the same application.


If you wish to view the instructions for Where's It Cloudy?, you may do so here:
Where's It Cloudy Instructions

We do provide limited email support for the
Where's It Cloudy? Android App. This support is limited to
simple operational questions and clarification of instructions. Before posing a question please read the
instructions again as care was taken to ensure that all of the operational procedures for
Where's It
were included.

Support will NOT assist in questions regarding interpreting the satellite images, App downloading and
installation, device compatibility issues, performance issues, or general "How do I" issues which we feel
are well covered by reading the extensive instructions. However if you want you can pose any question
and although we will not provide a direct answer we will acknowledge receipt of the email and collect the
questions and use them to improve the App, improve the instructions, and to create a FAQ to address
the most common questions.

We would like to know if you have an Android device that does not run
Where's It Cloudy properly. Please
provide in your email the Device Make and Model, the Android OS Version, a complete description of the
behavior you are observing, and how to consistently repeat the behavior. If we receive multiple similar
reports we will arrange engineering time to look into the issue and attempt to fix it. This process may
take several weeks. We will email when we have a version for you to try.

Phones that have a display resolution of less than 480x320 and tablets that are running Android 1.5 are
known to NOT be compatible with
Where's It Cloudy. Over 30 other Android devices we have tested on
appear to run
Where's It Cloudy? without any problems although image quality and animation
performance can vary depending on the quality of your display and graphics processor.

All support emails for the
Where's It Cloudy? application should be sent to
Weather Satellite Systems
In Support of Operational Meteorology and Education