Aquila Systems, Inc.
Over the course of the last couple of decades we have provided dozens of weather satellite systems to
schools for educational purposes. In recent years we have expanded our services to operational
meteorology organizations and emergency management organizations that have a need for such systems,
but not the budget.

These systems show cloud location and movement and can also track convective (thunderstorm) and
tropical storm development, storm fronts, sea surface temperatures, diurnal land temperatures, winds at
different levels of the atmosphere, water vapor and moisture transport, cloud heights for aviation, and rainfall.
For many meteorological organizations of limited means a Weather Satellite system combined with a low
bandwidth internet connection to get supporting data can provide them all the information needed to prepare
forecasts and warnings.

If you are looking to acquire a weather satellite system, please contact us at We
regularly donate systems that consist of all necessary equipment and software, except for the 3 meter dish
which can usually be obtained locally. We plan to give away the next group of systems in early 2013.
When you email us, kindly include details of your organization and its need for such a system, and we will
send you an application.

Weather Satellite Systems
In Support of Operational Meteorology and Education