Aquila Systems, Inc

Supporting Astronomical, Meteorology, and Climate Change Endeavors

November 2021


Winter is Coming Ethereum Miner

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Aquila Systems is a non-profit company with an over 20 years history of supporting various endeavors in the areas of Astronomy, Meteorology, and recently climate change.    

We endeavor to deploy and support unique science based solutions to organizations of need.

In the past we have deployed dozens of Weather Satellite ground stations with powerful easy to use software and have worked with NASA and IBM on related projects.


We recently have shifted our goal to focus on climate change by recommending and providing unique solutions to manage commercial and residential power and heat usage.     As conservation through technology is the best short term way to combat climate change.    In the near future we will have a web page dedicated to this that will expand over time.

Now we are raising funds to be able to provide several weather satellite ground stations to developing countries.    These systems are vital to providing watches and warnings of severe storms approaching a populated or vulnerable area and for safe aircraft use.    

With climate change all types of severe weather have become on average more frequent and severe.

Normally these vital systems could affordably be procured by Met services in most developing countries and small territories.    However recently many governments have slashed funding for many departments due to the pandemic which has reduced tax revenue and increased medical care costs making capital procurement's impossible at this time.     Economies will recover but this may take years.


We are looking at raising the needed funds in an unusual way.    One of the partners in Aquila Systems has developed a piece of software to allow Ethereum Crypto currency mining on existing modern computers although high hash rates are only possible on server type systems.      Here is more information, download, and how to use.    

To support our cause noted above you will mine Ethereum Crypto a quarter of the time to help raise the funds we are seeking.       The remaining time the WIC miner will mine for you.   

We have named this the “Winter is Coming Miner”  as in good conscience we can only advocate any type of crypto mining in the fall and winter where the mining computer(s) have two useful products: Crypto Currency and HEAT.     Most of the world, outside of the tropics, needs indoor heating during the winter and spends on fuel and maintenance anyway, more so this winter with high fuel prices, so this could provide some of the heat you would need at little net cost.        

It is important that you distribute this heat to make it effective.  Here we have some ideas on how to best do this.  

You can contact us with questions or comments at    We will try to give a brief reply to most emails but as we do not do this full time replies will likely take a few days.