Aquila Systems, Inc.
Welcome to Aquila Systems!

Our mission is to deploy and support direct reception weather satellite systems to organizations of
limited means that have a practical need for reliable and real-time weather satellite imagery. We provide
systems to educational institutions, operational meteorology organizations, and emergency management
organizations. We have fielded dozens of systems both domestically and internationally in our 20 years
of operation, including through work with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

The weather satellite systems provided have been heavily subsidized through grants and donations.
Please help support our mission. In exchange for your donation of at least $25 you will receive a free
mousepad with a hurricane image on it, or our newest way to say thank you - an upgrade to premium
service for the Android mobile app
Where's It Cloudy?.  Please click on the Donate and Contact tab for
information on donating.

Thank you for your interest in our products and our mission!

Weather Satellite Systems
In Support of Operational Meteorology and Education